The Heat Locker™
Portable Clothes Dryer

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Dry your Hockey and Ski gear!

Put the Heat Locker™ in the Garage, Barn or the Home. 42cu/ft of space and 1500w of drying power.

If you’re like most hunters and outdoor enthusiasts I know, most of your hunting and winter wardrobe spends the season piled up in the garage, a plastic bag or the back porch.  I don’t know many spouses who allow muddy and icy coveralls and such to collect on their freshly cleaned floors and closets.  Fewer still allow wet and muddy coats and coveralls in their clothes dryer.  What happens is we pile up our hunting and work clothes in the garage where they stay wet and cold until the next morning when we go out and shake them out, put them on and begin our hunt or work day in cold wet hunting/work clothes and wet boots. After 30 years of hunting and working in wet coveralls (and 22 years of pleading for the clothes dryer), I finally decided to do something about it.

The Heat Locker™ is a revolutionary new wardrobe. Unlike other storage units that just let you hang up your garments or bedding, the Heat Locker™ allows you to DRY them!

During the almost two years of development and testing, I knew exactly what guys and gals like us needed and my engineering team really delivered. We started with a large extruded aluminum frame that measures 7'X3'X2' to give you 42cu/ft of storage space. I've had problems with wimpy fittings before so we designed our own 3-axis elbows and made them out of Polypropylene so they are virtually indestructible. The top shelf is made from 24ga. steel which makes it extremely light yet durable. Eight aluminum J-hooks support the load from the shelf evenly across the frame so the shelf can support over 200 pounds of hanging weight. And, since the unit comes with two shelves, you can use one shelf on top and the other at the bottom to dry your boots. A lightweight polyester cover with a heavy-duty zipper keeps the heat in while transferring moisture out through a mesh opening at the top and the cover itself. Lastly, the dryer is a specially designed, patent pending heater with 1500w of drying power. This unique design allows dry air to enter the heater from outside the unit where it is then heated and exhausted into the cavity of the wardrobe. The hot air then rises through the articles and is vented out through the mesh screen taking the moisture with it.

The Heat Locker™ was designed for anyone who spends time outdoors or needs large bulky items dried without fear of damaging a tumble dryer. It's great for hunters, construction workers, firemen, skiers, farmers, military, fishermen, campers, basically, everyone. It will dry everything from insulated coveralls and coats to blankets, quilts, sweaters, blouses, hats and gloves.

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

1. The heater heats the cavity of the wardrobe to approximately 110°F during operation. We wanted the temperature hot enough to dry heavy coveralls but not so hot that it would damage any type of material.

2. There are several safety features incorporated into the product such as:
- Automatic Overheat Protection
- Timer Controlled Automatic Shutoff
- Insulated Heater Housing
- Reinforced Safety Strap for Wall Attachment
- ETL Certified

3. For added scent control, hang up a scent wick with a cover or lure scent on one of the lower beams. While the air circulates, the scent will be infused with the fabric while it dries. You can setup a WMD-Weapon of Mass Dispersion™ on the floor inside the unit during operation for this purpose. The WMD is at a perfect height for the spray mist to be swept up with the heater's exhaust air and saturate the clothing with scent.

4. The Heat Locker™ runs on standard 120v AC household electric power.

5. Lost or need another Instruction Manual

6. When drying blankets, you can remove the front shelf and drape the blanket over the rear shelf and let it hang down.  Make sure the blanket doesn’t hang down so far as to block the air from reaching the back.

7.  If it becomes necessary to wash the cover, carefully remove and wash by hand in a gentle laundry detergent.  Reinstall the cover and allow to air dry or just turn the heater on for a few minutes to dry.

8.  Don’t allow items on the shelf to block the mesh screen at the top of the cover!  This screen allows the humid air to escape.

9.  Drying time varies due to the type of clothing and amount of saturation.  As a general rule of thumb, if insulated coveralls and coats are run through a wash/spin cycle in a washing machine it usually takes around 2.5 hours to dry a full load in the Heat Locker.  Drying times will change based on the load (air needs to circulate freely to maximize drying) and ambient temperature.

10. You can set the automatic timer to any time up to three (3) hours. If you have a large load that requires a longer drying cycle, you can dial in more time (up to three hours) at any time during the cycle or just place the timer to the "Hold" setting. With the Hold setting, the heater will run until you turn the timer to "Off" or unplug the heater.