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pro booth at kc sportshow Here we are at the Kansas City Sportshow in Jan 2011.  We had thousands of amazing people stop by the booth. We managed to make some great new friends.  I can't wait until deer season to find out how successful everyone is who bought our products. Please send pictures!

Turkey season was awesome this year. Alena scored as usual. Pictures and video now available.

Our acorn crop just got hammered by a severe hail storm a couple of weeks ago. The food plots also took a beating but should recover. The farm has a bumper crop of fawns running around so we're working hard to make sure they all get fed.

Kansas muzzleloader season is in full swing right now so check back for pictures and remember to send us your success photos from hunting with the WMD.

Here are just a few of the photos from the Pleasant Ridge scrapbook. Disregard the 2004 dates on some of the pictures. Whenever we change out the batteries on our camera it reverts to 2004. Sometimes we get excited about taking the picture and forget to correct the date.

Alena is one of Kansas' best with a shotgun. See if you can pick out my four favorite things in the picture below.

alena and flagalena standing with turkey

alena's turkeyalena with turkey

alena and marius turkey

Or a rod.... (Just as long as she doesn't have to clean it)

alena with red snapperfamily fishing

Here's the Pleasant Ridge farm...Just outside the metropolitan suburbs of Easton, KS

food plotsfood plot beans

Nothing beats getting the whole family outdoors...

13 point buck12 point buck

Lauren with her first "twofer" and nice 8-pt she took with a .50 cal muzzleloader

lauren's two turkeyslauren's eight point buck

Jace with his first "twofer" (get a haircut boy) and this crazy looking 11-pt we'd been watching. Boy these kids sure grew up fast.

jace's two turkeyjace's 11 point buck